Spool Holder

The Spool Holder is the perfect addition to your WorkBox 3.0 or HobbyBox, which allows you to keep more yarns and rolls easily accessible. If you bought the Ultimate SewingBox, 2 yarn / spooler are already included.

On the back is the practical Velcro for attaching to the velcro door-surfaces of your concept furniture. The Spool Holder is equipped with storage rods for 32 yarn reels.

With the Workbox 3.0, up to 4 holders can be fitted to the right swing door, without the DOOR UPGRADE KIT.

In the HobbyBox, there are 2 holder can be fitted to the right swing door .

Installation note:

Place the Spool Holder on the Velcro surface of the right swinging door of your WorkBox or with the DOOR UPGRADE KIT installed at the bottom of the left door. Simply fill with yarn and spools. Finished!!