The ScrapMaBob is a drink holder and a trash bag! Keep your workspace free from clutter and avoid wet rings on your workstation. See below for the features of the ScrapMaBob.


  • Keep your work area mess free and avoid spills!
  • Holds your drink
  • Included in packaging:
    • (1) metal cup holder to attach to desktops
    • (1) steel ring for holding trash bag
    • (1) simple black trash bag

Video (Created 2014)

IN ABOVE VIDEO: The ScrapMaBob Caddy is an additional accessory to the ScrapMaBob and can be purchased separately. The ScrapMaBob Caddy provides customers with an extra steel ring and (2) re-designed trash bags.

**The Caddy does not include the cup holder attachment and is simply an accessory upgrade to the ScrapMaBob. For questions please see the product in the images provided below.

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