Where can i find the shipping costs for my home destination?

For Germany and all EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway we have created zone tariffs or zip code tariffs on our webpage. You can find the tariffs under the information menu as "Shipping / Costs / Delivery Time". When placing an order, shipping cost will be shown in the check out and you just need to choose your rate.

Can i possibly reduce my shipping costs?

We can carry upto 2 of our big ScrapBoxes (e.g. 2 WorkBoxes) on our standard shipping pallet. If you have a friend or if you know of another interested client willing to order and who lives near by you, you may place your orders individually but in coordination with us on ONE pallet and to ONE address. Each of you will then be charged with only 50% of the shipping rate. Contact us!

Where is the point of delivery? What means "curbside?

The point of delivery is the walkway in front of your house, i.e. "curbside". We highly recommend to be present with 2 persons during delivery as some of the carton boxes are quite heavy.

Do i need to assemble my ScrapBox on my own?

Yes, depending on the ScrapBox you have ordered the assembly takes between 1 and 3 hours (since we introduced the WorkBox 3.0, the assembly of the WorkBox has also been reduced to 2-3 hours). We deliver detailed building instructions and video links as support.

How long does the delivery take?

If we have your favorite ScrapBox on stock, the delivery within the EU takes 3 to 7 days. If we do not have it on stock when ordering the max delivery time is upto 3 months.


The warrantee on all furniture of The Original ScrapBox is 12 months.

Where do i find the dimensions?

We have added a dimension sheet under the description part of each model on our website.

Financing or installments?

We do not offer financing yet. However some of our clients have secured their ScrapBox by ordering it and paying installments under their discretion until 100% of the purchase price has been reached. Furthermore, when you order and choose the direct remittance payment to our bank account, we offer you to pay only just before delivery. For example if you are facing a longer delivery time because your ScrapBox is not on stock.

When ordering from outside the EU - how do you handle the german VAT?

If you are ordering from a country outside the EU, we will credit the german VAT included in our prices to you. Our logistics company will take care of all your import documentation as well as your local VAT disbursements. As an example, the charges for Switzerland are: Documentation fee CHF12,50, custom clearance CHF49,00 and disbursement fee CHF30,00.


In case of doubt please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone (+49 40 57003998). We will be happy to assist you!